Our activities in the industries interested by intensive business matters, scientific and technological innovation, or sustainability matters, have been split into two main areas: Advisory & Transactional , Litigation.

The consulting segment encompasses:

1- Regulatory and Compliance

  • Legal and regulatory analysis, compliance, opinions (legal and strategic)
  • Due diligence and internal investigations (organization, coordination, execution)
  • Supervision and implementation of compliance programs
  • Setting up of compliance organizational models
  • Public Affairs and Lobbying
  • Training
  • Regulatory update
  • IP and Competition
  • Biolaw and Bioethics
  • Techno-law and Technoethics
  • Business Ethics Advisory

2- Transactional Assistance


– Negotiation & drafting of contracts, extraordinary corporate operations

Due diligence (legal, techno-scientific, strategic)

Investment assessment (legal & business perspective)

– Impact assessments



– Legal and administrative services

– Startup Domiciliation

CSR training and Business Ethics (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Social Impact Assessment Services

– Management mentoring and outside general counsel (mentoring, business model development, business strategy, lift-off, exit strategy, scouting)

Technology development and scouting services


3- Strategic Management Consulting:

Innovation Management

Risk Management

CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility), ESG (Environment, Social & Governance), Business Ethics

Corporate Foresight

✔Policy advisory (Public & Private)


4- Knowledge & Technology Brokerage

  • Scouting (tech, trends, partners)
  • Transfer/Acquisition


5- Incident Response

  • Preventive intervention plans
  • Crisis management
  • Regulatory compliance management (reporting, disclosure, compliance)
  • Managing emergency relationships with public authorities
  • Managing media reports
  • Reputation & performance management
  • Claim management

The litigation branch of services is dedicated to

1– Assistance in Judicial Litigation

2Arbitration assistance and Adr


In-House Secondment and Outside General Counsel

By providing a secondment service of our professionals at your offices, we offer

  • Support for the internal legal department of the most complex structures: private and public companies, research centers and public administrations
  • The Management of the outsourcing of the legal function, in organizational contexts that do not possess a dedicated internal legal office.
  • Project-specific or on an ongoing basis service.
  • In-house and out-house service.

“Trusted Advisor, our Senior Partners carry out outside general counselling for the boards of leading organizations, assisting the C-suite on the most critical strategic decisions, which revolve around scientific issues, technology and sustainability matters”

“The outstanding quality of our commitment, our cutting-edge specialization and our distinctive approach in dealing with future-related issues, are widely reflected in the high profile assignments we are entrusted with, which have led to the growth of start-ups, companies, public organizations and to social progress enhancement.