Environmental legislation is characterized by a level of technicality, complexity and frequency of change, which is a unique case in the legislative landscape.

Unfortunately, this complex situation leads to RISCHI, SANZIONs and CONSEQUENCES, which can be devastating for businesses, public administrations and individuals.

As ECOlawyers, thanks to the very high specialization in the subject, we offer a service of processing environmental legal opinions, telephone and videoconferencing, in order to minimize risks, prevent and transform problems in competitive advantages!

Since this year, the Court of Cassation has also specified the importance of addressing expert lawyers specializing in environmental matters, thus allowing criminal liability to be excluded! (Sentence No. 2246/2017)

Do you have an environmental legal question? Don’t jump without a parachute!

Therefore, rely on LAWYERS who have been working in the industry for over a decade, asking for a free quote by filling out our form.

The environmental advice that we currently offer consists of two types of service:

  • One-off advice

  • Continued advice

In the ongoing advisory service, in addition to the solution of questions and opinions, regulatory monitoring,updating and training of company staff is included.