The occurrence of a dispute of an environmental offence often corresponds to an administrative sanction that can have even criminalimplications.

The first step is to turn to a law firm of lawyers specialising in environmental law to prepare a preliminary defensive strategy.

The difference with other branches of law is the high scientificity and technicality of which environmental legislation is composed and this obviously entails for the experienced environmental legal adviser a frequent and constant update with respect to the changing discipline and the still undourable legalorientation .

When it comes to administrative sanctions proceedings (L. 689/1981) it is important to quickly decide how to resolve the problem, given the tight timeframe within which to submit defensive writings and to ask for thehearing together with the expert environmental lawyer (under Article 18 of the aforementioned law).

The professional contribution of the professional will be even more relevant if the P.A. proceeds were to reject the observations made with the defensive memory first, and at the hearing then, as the law provides for the experiment of theprosecution through aopposition to the ordinance-injunction within 30 days of its notification.

In reference to the terms of art. 28 of the D.lgs. N. It is significant to note that the five-year prescribing period begins to begin, often as environmental wrongdoing with permanent effects, since the stay ceases and the status quo is restored. or the authorized title is granted.

Environmental sanctions appeal