Mission and Study Services

Nature, society and the whole global economic landscape have changed, the law in order to keep up with change, requires legal experts with a strong naturalistic and technological culture, alongside traditional legal and economic proficiency.

We manage legal issues, emerging risks and opportunities, related to sustainability, science and technology, business affairs.

Our methodology intersects legal and economic disciplines with natural and engineering sciences.


In this context, P&S

✔ Is a leading player of Sustainable Innovation withing the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where the digital transformation of Information Technology, the use of big data and Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno technology fusion, are radically transforming business organizations andsociety as a whole.

✔ Promotes the circular economy and bioeconomy models, based on the life cycle of natural resources and raw materials enhancementtransforming the related issues into a competitive advantage both for companies and for the global community.

The analysis of all these change-related impacts (positive and negative), risks and opportunities linked to any economic and social sector, necessarily require lawyers gifted with an “overall and long-term vision”.

With global challenges becoming an embedded element of private and public organizations’ business model, the role of legal experts in the anticipation/resolution/manipulation of economic-social-environmental impacts and in identifying trends offering competitive advantage is critical, especially for the Deep Tech industry.

On the one hand, the techno-scientific applications allow to solve global challenges (SDGs) and promote social progress, on the other hand certain phenomena are arising as a result of technological application, with negative social and environmental impacts.

In this context, the role of biolaw, or Sci-Tech law is to:

  1. Recognize, analyse and resolve the most important new legal issues, based on existing law where possible.
  2. Identify and manage legal barriers as soon as possible that could inhibit technological development or the use of new technologies.
  3. Determine whether new laws or substantial changes to existing ones are needed to address new issues arising in the context of technoscientific development.


P&S ☛ “Leads the way for Business management, Startupper and Investors, managing any matter linked with international business law and decoding regulations, megatrends and techno-scientific discoveries, anticipating risks and business opportunities hidden among laws, trends and weak signals.

Legal, Regulatory & Compliance

Transactional & Deals

Strategic Advice

Incident Response

Dispute Resolution

Knowledge Brokerage

We add competitive advantage through:

  • Proactive Risk and Change Management (Innovation & Risk Management)
  • CSR Corporate Social Responsibility, ESG Environment Social & Governance analysis
  • Corporate Foresight
  • Knowledge brokerage
  • Technology Transfer
  • Training & Education

☛ P&S “Leads the way” for Research and Development, to Scientific and Technological Research Institutions, contributing in the field of strategic planning, compliance and Public Affairs.

☛ P&S “Leads the way” for Public Insitutions as policy-making and policy-reviewing consultant and analyst.