eco-lawyer study professionals

Our professionals embrace transdisciplinarity:

a lawyer with

high interdisciplinary legal expertise

extensive economic culture

extensive naturalistic and technological culture

All our associates boast a world-class curricular profile, especially with reference to post-graduate education, considered by our law firm to be an indispensable requirement in order to ensure a serious and excellent service.

Our lawyers and consultants earned and continue to attend universities Masters, Higher Education Courses, Specialization Schools and the likes, through continuing education and lifelong learning interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary study and research.

Because of the very strong transdisciplinary nature required, our professionals devote a large part of their daily training, to the study of legal and economic disciplines together with the conceptual cores of natural sciences & engineering know-how.

P&S Legal professionals are also actively involved in academic and professional training activities, conferences and seminars hosted by public and private bodies.

Massimiliano Passalacqua (PgD, Master's Degrees - Founder & Managing Partner)

Vincenzo Solenne (PgD, Master's Degrees - Founding Partner)

Matteo de Paolis (Master's Degree - Senior Counsel)

Nicola Caputo (Cassatist - Senior Counsel)

Jacopo Mel (Master's Degrees - Of Counsel)

Federica Mosti (PgD - Associate Jr)

Diletta Simonetti (PhD - Master's Degrees - Counsel)

Raffaella Folgieri (Prof, PhD - Chief Scientific Adviser)

Luca Mancini(Of Counsel)

Tatiana Ryabchenko (Russian Law specialist)

Michele Quintieri (Jr Associate)

Silvia Brioschi(Jr Associate)

Gianluca Secchi (Jr Associate)