As part of the Ministry for the Environment and for Land and Sea Protection (MATT), the National Register of Environmental Operators – replacing the former National Register for Waste Operators – was established by Legislative Decree no. 152/2006 (Testo Unico Ambientale).

The Register for Environmental Operators is based in Rome, it is made up of regional departments (incorporated into the various Chambers of Commerce) and provincial departments based in the provincial cities of Trento and Bolzano. The Albo Gestori Ambientali is responsible for the compulsory enrollment of the subjects identified in the art. 212, paragraph 5 of the TUA.

The Governing Bodies of the Register for Environmental Operators are the following:

  1. the National Committee;
  2. the regional and provincial sections.

The regional and provincial sections are set up at the local chambers of commerce and have several functions, which are briefly listed below:

  • register the applications and issue the corresponding provisions;
  • verify the compliance of the submitted sureties;
  • adopt the measures of revocation, suspension, forfeiture and annulment of the registration;
  • carry out training and educational activities for registered subjects;
  • issue surveys, lists and certifications through the the chambers of commerce offices;
  • send  an annual report on their activities to the National Committee;
  • issue the adopted provisions in electronic form, and if requested, in paper format;
  • comply with the directives issued by the National Committee.

P&S Legal professionals, with the help of trustworthy technicians, provide support to foreign companies throughout every phase of registration and renewal procedures, class or category variations applications before the Register of Environmental Operators, handling the correct issue of required guarantees and appendices.

Other than assisting Italian companies, P&S also provides assistance to international business organizations, operating in the field of environmental services and cleantech, which are required by the law to establish a subsidiary branch or a domicile in Italy (see MATT circular 25 January 2011, Prot. n. 0146/ALBO/PRES, with reference to foreign companies engaged in cross-border transport).

We help many foreign companies dealing with the waste brokerage, of contaminated sites reclamation and industrial activities with environmental impact.

We support foreign enterprises applying for cross-border and transboundary waste movement/transport permits, included in the green and amber lists, in accordance with and for the purposes of the Basel Convention (EC Regulation no. 1013/2006) and subsequent amendments and integrations.

The strong expertise gained in this field and the correct mastery of business affairs languages, enables us to assist companies in the drafting, filling out and submission phases of Annex VII, constantly interacting with the competent Italian authorities and the European institutions.

We also represent and assist companies in disciplinary proceedings and appeals before the National Committee, pursuant to art. 23 of Ministerial Decree no. 120/2014, as well as in judicial appeals against the revocation, suspension or cancellation of registration in the Register for Environmental Operators.

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