Studio vision

P&S LEGAL is a forerunner and Leading Expert in providing legal and strategic advisory services, in the fields of international business matters, innovation and sustainable development.

Influential and innovative law firm focused on the relationship between Law, International Business and Science & Technology, P&S has developed a unique expertise in International and domestic business matters, Environmental law, Biolaw (Life Sciences) & Emerging Technologies.

Basing its visionary practice on these areas of specialization that have defined its experience and leadership, P&S was founded at the outbreak of the Great World Recession of 2008, with a unique and innovative slant, strongly influenced by Strategic Foresight and Complexity science.

In the eye of the storm of the global socio-economic crisis, the founding partners – both attorney at law and environmental lawyers, technologists and business economists – create a boutique firm, based on an avant-garde vision: a sustainable future that leverages on responsible emerging science and technologies is the pillar upon which are built at the same time:

  1. new business models in an increasingly competitive global market
  2. quality of life enhancement and social progress, relating to modern global challenges

GeoPolitical – SocioeconomicTechnologicalEnvironmentalLegal transformations (PESTEL) are deeply interconnected and influence each other.

Our approach encompasses global challenges analysis, socio-economic and environmental issues, and the related opportunities they create: right where the legal factor plays a key cross-cutting role.

This perspective can be enclosed in the portmanteauECO-Lawyer“, where the “eco” suffix identifies two synergistic profiles of specialization, known as “The 3 Ps”: Profit-People-Planet

1) ECOnomy & innovation: The socio-economic system of the future, built on digital innovation and high-tech, by means of converging technologies (Ict, robotics, genetics, nanotechnologybiotechnology & biomedicine, cognitive neuroscience). 
From Life Sciences to Financial services, any human activity is pollinated by scientific and technological change: Law itself is directly linked to the progressive technologisation of society, acting as a fertilizer for legal evolution.

2) ECO= Environment and Sustainable DevelopmentBioeconomy Encompassing all those Megatrends linked to the Global Challenges, enclosed in the Sustainable Development Goals, as identified by the UN Agenda 2030 (health, climate change, depletion of natural resources, education, pollution, global warming, migration, demographic changes, urban resilience, hunger, food scarcity, alternative energies, poverty, access to water, justice, international security, social justice, human rights, education,etc.)

“From the merger of these elements comes the niche known as DEEP TECH:

those companies that, through scientific discoveries, tangible and revolutionary engineering innovations of great social or environmental impact, have set their mission towards the solution of global challenges, with long-lasting positive effects for humanity.”

These sectors are mostly linked to Environmental & Life Sciences and  Key Enabling Technologies:

environment and cleantech, healthcare and medtech/biomedical, foodtech and agtech, infotechnology, bio/nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and robotics, advanced manufacturing & new materials, spacetech

Unparalleled expertise in these international cross-cutting horizontal disciplines, make P&S legal a unique player in the legal services industry.