Entrepreneurship is based on innovation,which wreaks havoc in markets and threatens existing businesses, creating legal conflict.

Lawyers and Magistrates continue to analyse innovation-related cases within independent, specialised and disconnected legal sectors.

But theentrepreneur does not care whether the problems and legal conflicts are related to labour law rather than environmental law,the civil code or the criminalcode, industrial property or competition, health and safety issues or international contractual clauses.

From the preparation of the business model and establishment of the most appropriate legal vehicle, from the management of ordinary activities to the business development through extraordinary operations,at every stage of a company’s lifeinnovation and innovation competition inevitably create legal conflict: the approach of entrepreneurs and economists is global, a kind of “right of entrepreneurship”, independent of the single discipline that you will have to use from time to time.

At P&S we follow this approach and put legal conflict at the center, anticipating and defusing it where possible: we build interdisciplinary legal reasoning around economic theory regardlessof the traditional boundaries of individual legal disciplines.

We speak the language of entrepreneurs

We model the legal narrative for winning business models

and revolutionary ideas

Environmental law and cyber law


We accompany companies at every stage international business law,from establishment of corporate vehicles cross-border trading strategic agreements,from the drafting of the indispensable contracts related to expansion abroad, up to the management of the litigation and litigationarbitration,we follow management in every step related to the birth and development of the cross-border business.


Not just lawyers. We are also business economists, with a remarkable negotiating legal skillset.

“We perfectly fund legal advice and business strategy: we decode legal issues in terms of strategic consequences and decisions for a specific business model, previously studied and understood in every detail.

Geopolitical perspicacia and culture of economic geography.

Risk management and anticipation.

A solid network of foreign professional companies available, fully aligned with our values and expertise.

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